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Sprouts are for life – not just for Christmas


There are some unexpected silver linings about living in the land of the (grain) free. And one of those linings is sprouts.

I know what you’re thinking. Sprouts are yuck; the worst thing on the Christmas lunch plate and a once-a-year horror.

But seriously people, if you think you hate sprouts I urge, nay, implore you to think again.

Sure, boiled, overcooked sprouts are foul. And, true, when you cook sprouts you have to apologise the smell away to anyone who steps over your threshold for the next 24 hours. But just open the window and don’t get hung up on that. When I discovered the roasted sprout, cooked with a bit of garlic, served with a sprinkle of parmesan and dipped in home-made mayo,  well it’s fair to say that things, in a modest way, started looking up.

I’d actually forgotten about the joy of sprouts until about a month ago. Then, suddenly, they started appearing in shops again and it was another reason to embrace autumn. If you buy a ready prepared bag you barely need to do anything to them except maybe cut them in half, depending on their size, roughly chop some garlic, put both in a bowl with a slick of oil, stir and season then transfer it a roasting tin and roast away at 180 for 30-40 minutes, depending on size. Grate on some parmesan and get dipping and they are delicious on their own or on the side.

There’s no telling some people though. Every time I get some sprouts out to cook, Tom still says, “Wow you really do love sprouts, don’t you?”

Well yes I really, really do – so, sue me!



Bit of a pause…


So. While I am pleased to announce that normal blogging service is about to be resumed, I just thought I would mention – for  any enquiring minds that might want to know – that last month’s bloggage was a bit interrupted by two other writing projects (one a bit off-topic, one very much on) which may also tickle your fancy…

I was EXTREMELY excited when the very fabulous woman&home magazine – which knows, loves and reveres food, and takes the whole business very seriously indeed, and rightly so – invited me to become a guest blogger for them, which has been great fun. You can read my first three posts here:

Also (this is the off topic part) it’s been a while in the pipeline but last month my book ‘Things I wish I’d known (women tell the truth about motherhood)’ was published. It’s a fabulous collection of essays by 20 different women (ranging from Emma Freud to Jenny Colgan to Adele Parks) about their experience of motherhood, and a sort of antidote to all the ‘How to’ books about parenthood that are out there (which I found REALLY unhelpful when I first became a mother). ‘Twas a labour of love, but I’m really thrilled with the end result. And now it is out in the real world. Here is a bit more info:

Anyway, now I’m back on the straight and narrow so: stand by for some more recipes, coming to this blog near you, very soon.