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White bean mash

As I may already have mentioned, I am currently eating these beans about three times a week at the moment as a) they go with everything b) they really fill you up which instantly reduces the hard-done-by factor that often goes hand in hand with carb deprivation and c) they are super quick plus d) completely darn delicious!


Posh haricot beans (ie in a jar rather than a tin),

A lemon for juice and zest



Oil for cooking and dressing


  1. Pour some olive oil – quite a lot – into a deep frying pan and add some sprigs of thyme or lemon thyme then heat gently to flavour the oil.
  2. Roll an unwaxed lemon on a hard surface with the palm of your hand a few times then zest the skin and cut it lengthways (all of which yields more juice).
  3. Drain some haricot beans – ideally a jar of posh Spanish ones, which cost three times as much as a tin but are three times as nice, although tins work too for this – in a sieve and rinse. Remove the thyme from the oil then add the beans along with a clove or two of crushed garlic plus the lemon zest and the juice, which I just squeeze straight in through the sieve, to catch any pips.
  4.  Heat the beans through then mash with a potato masher and add a glug or two of extra virgin oil then salt and pepper to taste. Oh my god – so easy and SO DELICIOUS!