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So. While I am pleased to announce that normal blogging service is about to be resumed, I just thought I would mention – for  any enquiring minds that might want to know – that last month’s bloggage was a bit interrupted by two other writing projects (one a bit off-topic, one very much on) which may also tickle your fancy…

I was EXTREMELY excited when the very fabulous woman&home magazine – which knows, loves and reveres food, and takes the whole business very seriously indeed, and rightly so – invited me to become a guest blogger for them, which has been great fun. You can read my first three posts here:

Also (this is the off topic part) it’s been a while in the pipeline but last month my book ‘Things I wish I’d known (women tell the truth about motherhood)’ was published. It’s a fabulous collection of essays by 20 different women (ranging from Emma Freud to Jenny Colgan to Adele Parks) about their experience of motherhood, and a sort of antidote to all the ‘How to’ books about parenthood that are out there (which I found REALLY unhelpful when I first became a mother). ‘Twas a labour of love, but I’m really thrilled with the end result. And now it is out in the real world. Here is a bit more info:

Anyway, now I’m back on the straight and narrow so: stand by for some more recipes, coming to this blog near you, very soon.


2 thoughts on “Bit of a pause…

  1. Dear Victoria, I recently came across an article you had written in The Telegraph. While my ‘condition’ is unlikely to be permanent, I have been advised that I must avoid all wheat (due to wheat intolerance) and refined sugar (due to significant yeast imbalance) for the next six months. While it was a relief to finally know exactly what was going on in my tummy, I am now trying to work out how to keep my palette satisfied for the next few months! Wheat is an easy one to identify and avoid, however I am interested to understand more about the types of sugar that can remain in my diet. I notice you use a lot of honey, but could you also advise which other forms of sugar can be retained as part of your diet? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Hazel and it’s lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you are on a restricted diet at the moment – here’s hoping that it’s a temporary state of affairs! In terms of sugars, the only sugars I eat are honey and fruit. Refined sugars and things like stevia aren’t recommended on the SCD but that may not be the case if you are following a slightly different diet. The best advice I could give you is to find a registered naturopath to guide you with this, as you may find that someone who is embedded in this world can open certain things up that have not occurred to you. For what it is worth, of all the things that I can no longer eat, sugar is the thing I miss least, to my surprise (I’m far more sad about no potatoes, pizza and pasta!). Wishing you strength in your next chapter and I really hope the changes you make bring with them tip top health. Thanks, Victoria

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