Chicken breast with bacon and white wine jus


I would never have cooked this a few years ago – I think it is the unashamed decadence of bacon, sullying the otherwise relatively healthy nature of plain grilled chicken which is just so boring – but recently I have made it a few times and am just staggered by how utterly delicious it is.


It’s taken from Nigella Express, which has reminded me of a) the importance of being able to make food really quickly and b) the fact that you honestly don’t have to slave for hours to make it but also c) the glory of adding a few entirely decadent touches to your food every so often.


Being quite greedy, I have adapted it to add a few more rashers of bacon than Nigella suggests (which is two per piece of chicken).


And (in the eternal search for ballast!) I’d serve it with simply delicious lemony white bean mash. Or, the other night, I made it with broccoli and asparagus plus spicy squash (also great ballast).


The white wine jus adds a bit of an ‘I’ve made an effort!’ touch if you are making it for guests – this was for my lovely Mother and Father in-law and it went down very well – and took about 15 minutes to make.




Chicken breasts


White wine




I put the chicken in a plastic bag and bash it with a rolling pin to make the breasts flatter and so easier to cook through quickly, which means less chance of them going tough. Once you’ve done that, heat some oil in a frying pan and fry your bacon rashers until they are as crispy as you like (I always seem to overcook the bacon, because when you are frying it it’s harder to tell when it is done to a crisp. But I tend also to favour overcooked food so that part is up to you obviously). Once cooked, wrap it in some foil to keep warm. Then pan-fry the flattened chicken in the bacon fat, for a couple of minutes either side (cut into it to make sure there is no pinkness).


Remove the chicken and put it on a serving plate then quickly crumble the bacon into the pan and pour in the wine letting it all bubble up for a minute or two then pour over the chicken. Eat. That is all.




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